Self-Published Authors

Interested in working with Snug Books: Please fill out the questionnaire below!

As part of its mission, Snug Books, LLC strives to support local and independent authors when we are able.  Snug Books receives many requests each day from small press and self-published authors. This questionnaire below is designed to help Snug Books determine if your book is an appropriate fit for our store. We will not consider any authors or event if the questionnaire is not filled out in full. We will only respond if we feel your event is a good fit for our store. Thank you! 

How to Work with Independent Bookstores: 

If you are looking for information about how to work with Independent Bookstores, this is a helpful resource. .

Self Publishing:

As an Independent Bookstore we look for production quality, good editing, and a market-standard price point, as well as whether the content is a good fit for our audience and our current shelf space availability.  There is a lot to learn about getting a book published and we are not experts on this subject, but you can  learn more about self-publishing your work here at Ingram Spark.