Self Published Authors

Snug Books, LLC is an independent bookstore serving readers in Northeast Baltimore and beyond. 

As part of its mission, Snug Books, LLC strives to support local and independent authors. If your works are self-published, through Ingram Spark, we will consider carrying the book. 

Please note that all materials are subject to the review and approval of the Snug Books, LLC staff before we will stock a book. We look for production quality, good editing, and a market-standard price point, as well as whether the content is a good fit for our audience and our current shelf space availability. To learn more about self-publishing your work visit Ingram Spark. 

If you are not self-published through Ingram Spark, eventually we will be hosting regularly scheduled author events that you can apply to participate in. 

We have not yet created the application or set the date for our first event. Please check back here later for updates.